Champion Chatter – December 2023

Resident Birthdays

Richard @ Lot 2, Ellen @ Lot 6, John @ Lot 17, Lee @ Lot 18, Jo @ Lot 20, Peter & Susan @ Lot 27, Ray @ Lot 48, David @ Lot 49, Neil @ Lot 81, Ann @ Lot 85, Eve @ Lot 87, Maureen @ Lot 92, Gordon @ Lot 95.

To our residents celebrating a December birthday we

celebrate with you and say  best wishes for a lovely day

enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!



Facts about Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii)

· The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw is the floral emblem of Western Australia since 1960.

· Flowers have no fragrance. And the furry flower and stalk can irritate skin and eyes on constant contact.

· Kangaroo Paws are pollinated by a variety of native birds, including honeyeaters and wattlebirds.

· The stalk of the plant is sturdy enough to perch birds that are attracted to its bright colours. The shape and position of the pollen-bearing anthers enable pollen to deposit on the perching birds.

· The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw only occurs naturally in southwest Western Australia. Found commonly around Shark Bay to Scott’s River and at Mt. Barker – Manjimup, along the Murchison River, Busselton, Lake Muir, and King’s Park near Perth.

· The Aboriginal people call Kangaroo Paw Nollamara or Kurulbrang or Yonga Marra in the local Nyoongar language. They use it in preparing traditional medicine and the plant is of considerable significance to them.

Quote of the Month

New Residents – Vivienne and David

Vivienne and David moved into the village mid October this year.

They are both originally from the UK. David from Bradford and Vivienne from Colne in Lancashire.

They met in Perth in August 1974 and married in November the same year. They have been married for 49 years and have 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren a boy and a girl. Their daughter and her family live in Queensland.

During David’s working life he was in the printing trade before moving into a profession in the spares department for motorcycles. He also worked as a volunteer for the local radio station Heritage FM which he thoroughly enjoyed for 8 years.

Vivienne was a Weaver in a cotton mill in the UK in her very earlier years and has undertaken a variety of jobs over her working career including working at the Perth Mint.

Now both retired Vivienne is a volunteer working for Silver Chain making memory books and tote bags to carry pumps etc for palliative care patients.

They both enjoy dancing at the Manning Bowling Club particularly Jive and Rock N Roll. Vivienne also continues to play darts in Kelmscott.

Over the years they have enjoyed cruising and travelling with Motorbike GPs to a variety of destinations. Next year they are hoping to travel more. On their particular bucket list is the very scenic location of Anchorage in Alaska.

A very warm and friendly welcome is extended to you both on behalf of all village residents and the management team.

Inaugural Village Fete

Well done to the social committee and special thanks to Tom Watson for conceptualising the vision and undertaking the task of implementation of Champion Lifestyles 1st fete held at the Village.

The day was a huge success with many reporting they look forward to the next one.

Community events of this nature take a lot of effort to bring to fruition and to all those that supported and helped we hope you enjoyed the day as much as all those that attended.

Staff day out – THANK YOU

Staff house boat afternoon

Some of our Champion Lakes team enjoyed a well deserved day out on the house boat in the month of November. It was time to give a little thanks back as we are so lucky to have such wonderful ladies working with us and we are so thankful for all that they do.

Xmas & New Year Dates to remember

Friday 1st Dec               – Village “Turning on of the Lights Night” across the village and communal areas.

Thursday 7th Dec         – Bingo 7pm at the lodge.

Friday 8th Dec     – Tradesperson xmas party 12-5pm at the lodge. 

Friday 22nd Dec  – Resident Christmas Roast Dinner at the Lodge. BYO Drinks. Pre-paid event.

Mon 25th Dec— Fri 12th Jan      – Office Christmas closure. 3 week break for staff. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…….

As we wind up the year for 2023 we wish all residents, their families and friends a very Merry Christmas filled with jolly, happiness and merriment over the festive period.

We look forward to sharing the xmas spirit from the month of December in our next newsletter edition, along with thanking those residents who so generously offer their time to bring Xmas to our Champion Lifestyle.

In the meantime though here is taste of the festivities being prepared by Jackie Watson assisted by a couple of others to adorn the Clubhouse in preparation of Friday’s “Turning on of the Village Lights”.

Just magical – absolutely magical!!!!

Rare re-sale opportunity

Re-sale opportunity has recently presented itself of Lot 40 within our Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village.

Centrally located and within close proximity to all clubhouse amenities this “Gardenia” design layout won’t last long.

Priced to sell at $389,000 it is on market and available immediately. We encourage you to contact Leah on 0417 783 147 to arrange a convenient time to come view this Villa sooner rather than later!!

Champion Chatter – November 2023 edition

Resident Birthdays

Quote of the Month

Interesting Facts of the Month

Facts about Uluru!

1. It’s taller than the Eiffel Tower

Towering 348 metres above the surrounding plane, Uluru is taller than several famous buildings around the world including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Chrysler Building in New York.

2. It takes about 3.5 hours to walk around the base

Uluru is 3.6 kms long and 1.9 kms wide, with a total circumference of 9.4kms. The incredible walk around the base takes you through a surprising variety of landscapes, and is best attempted in the morning before the desert heat sets in.

3. There is even more of it underground

Uluru is big, but most of its mass is buried under the surrounding desert. Uluru as we see it today was created by millions of years of erosion of the softer surrounding rock. Beneath the surface, Uluru extends at least another 2.5kms.

4. Uluru receives around 300mm of rainfall every year

It varies a lot each year, but Uluru receives around 300mm of rain on average each year, creating waterfalls and bringing new life to the rock and surrounding desert.

Welcome to our new residents Allan and Linda

Linda and Allan moved into the village on 15th September. They met nearly 8 years ago through Allan’s daughter and Linda’s son.

Allan has a house in Camillo where he built a granny flat which he moved into. He has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. He has 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

He had a very varied working life from farming to laying asphalt, working at ReadyMix for 20 years.

Linda has 1 son and 2 grandchildren, 1 boy and 1 girl and lived in Kelmscott before moving to the Village. She also lived in a granny flat prior to her recent move.

Linda worked as a picker and packer in a warehouse for many year which was a job she loved. She has been retired 5 years.

Linda was a single lady for 30 years before meeting Allan. Allan asked Linda’s son if his mum would like to have a coffee with him and her son said why not and it went from there.

They married here at the Village on Saturday 21st October, Allan would like to do one more road trip to Paralup – Rocky Gully where he grew up. Linda is over travelling as she has been on many cruises. These days she is happy to stay at home and do her crafts.

Linda has emphysema so walking is difficult. Allan has had 2 heart attacks. He enjoys watching car and motor bike racing and walking the village grounds.

5th Anniversary celebrations

Over 100 of our residents celebrated the Villages 5th Anniversary on Sunday 22nd of October, the entertainment and company was enjoyed by all and we look forward to many more celebrations with you into the future.

Your continued support of the community we continue to build here is unwavering and appreciated.

We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we have enjoyed the journey thus far.

A big thank you to Denise and Ron for the video photo highlights and painting donation, our generous residents raised a total of $273.00 for Telethon which is fantastic.

Art and Crafts group

Re-Sale Opportunity

Carpet Bowls Call out for new participants

The regular carpet bowls village group would like to extend an invitation to all residents old and new alike to come join them at their regular sessions of Sundays and Wednesdays 9am—12pm weekly in the Clubhouse.

The group are very happy to teach new comers to the art of carpet bowling or old hands that just need a refresher in bowl bias and such things. They are willing to show the bowls so to speak to any residents keen on participating.

Additionally the carpet bowl antics each week also provides much entertainment to those that may wish to join but only from the sidelines whilst enjoying a tea/ coffee or best hot chocolate in Perth that we have available at our Village.

No need to book. Please just put the 9am—12 noon Wednesday and Sundays in your calendar and come down the clubhouse and be openly welcomed by these regular enthusiasts that laugh from end to end each session.

Save the Date

Monday 6th Nov          – Triple B presentation 12pm on Home Care solutions with luncheon provided.

Tuesday 7th Nov          – Village Melbourne Cup 11am. $5 & $2 sweepstakes. BYO drinks & food platters provided

Thursday 16th Nov  – Bingo at 7pm. $5 for 6 games

Sunday 19th Nov   – Village Fair

Thursday 23rd Nov  – Annual Meeting— 11am Clubhouse. Presented by Village Management

Thursday 23rd Nov   – Quiz night at 7 pm. Gold coin entry and a hamper raffle will be $2 for 1 ticket or 3 for $5

Sunday 26th Nov   – $7.50 for Breakfast at 9.30am

Thursday 7th Dec   – Bingo 7pm

Jigsaw Puzzle update

More and more residents are taking up the opportunity to participate in the community jigsaw puzzle activity in the Clubhouse. All residents are encouraged to join in the task at their leisure.

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Champion Chatter – October 2023

Resident Birthdays

To our residents celebrating an October birthday we celebrate with you and say  best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!

Marty @ Lot 5, Denise @ Lot 9, Laurie @ Lot 11, Dave @ Lot 12, Paul @ Lot 21, Kay @ Lot 45, Dawn @ Lot 47, Eve @ Lot 52, Peter @ Lot 64, Jill @ Lot 68, Carol @ Lot 73, Diane @ Lot 74, Kathy @ Lot 81, Helen @ Lot 84 and Graeme @ Lot 89.

Funnies of the Month

We had to have the garage door repaired. 
The repairman told us that one of our problems was that we did not have a ‘large’ enough motor on the opener. I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one made at that time, a half a horsepower. He shook his head and said,  ‘You need a 1/4 horsepower.’ 
I responded that 1/2 was larger than 1/4 and he said, ‘Nooo, it’s not.  Four is larger than two.’
We never used that repairman again. Story from Ipswich, QLD

I live in a semi rural area. 
We recently had a new neighbour call the local council office to request the removal of the WOMBAT CROSSING sign on our road. 
The reason:  ‘Too many wombats are being hit by cars out here!

I don’t think this is a good place for them to be  crossing anymore.’ 
Story from Collingwood, VIC

I was at the airport, checking in at the gate when an airport employee asked,  ‘Has  anyone put anything in your luggage without your knowledge?’ To  which I replied, ‘If it was without my knowledge, how would I know?’ He smiled knowingly and nodded, ‘That’s why we ask.’ 
Story from Elizabeth SA

Quote of the Month

Interesting Wordly Facts

1. If you have ever received a speeding ticket, it was likely a bit higher than 8 mph (12.87kph), which was the first recorded speeding ticket in 1896.

2. “E” is the most common letter in the English language, appearing in 11% of all words. “A” is next and appears in 8.5% of words, while “Q” is the rarest letter, only appearing in .2% of words.

3. Hail storms are common. But, some planets have diamond storms. On Saturn and Jupiter, lightning strikes carbon soot and hardens into graphite. Then, the material becomes pressurized during the storm and becomes a diamond. The result is diamond hail.

4. Humans are not the only species that can dance. Sea lions have the ability to move their bodies to the rhythm of an external beat. If you see a sea lion, then consider challenging it to a dance-off.

5. The small dot over a lowercase i or j has a name, the tittle. In fact, the phrase “To a T” derives from this dot and was originally, “To a Tittle.”

Welcome to our Champion Community

Helen & Les

Helen and Les have been married for 58 years. They have 2 sons, 6 grandchildren (4 girls & 2 boys) along with 10 great grandchildren whose ages range from 11 years to a few weeks old (6 girls & 4 boys ).

Helen was born in North Hampton where she lived with her parents and 2 brothers on a farm. Helen went to BINNA school until the age of 9.

Her family moved to Perth and she went to Maylands Primary for 2 years then moved to Bayswater. She finished her school years at Perth Girls High School then worked in aged care until she met and married Les. During her career she raised her children and worked various jobs in the hospitality field.

Les way born in Perth in 1944. He is from a family of 9 children and went to school in Augusta and later at Margaret River High School.

He had a variety of jobs until 1962 when he started a job in land and surveys which he kept for decades. The job entailed him being away for long periods. He was a councillor for Gosnells from 1984-88 and they travelled around Australia for 4 months in 1991.

Helen loved to do crafts but she now finds it hard to do due to arthritis pains. She keeps herself entertained with games now on her iPad and Les likes to do word games.

Gopher for Sale

6 month old bright red go fast Gopher with Ferrari wheels is available for sale $2,500 only.

65 km’s on the clock. Please contact Dawn on 0487 419 413.

Book Library

The Book Library has had a bit of a spring clean of late.

Our stock of paperbacks has been expanded.  Some additional and expanded authors include:

Sue Grafton – mystery/crime/thriller;

Andy McNabb – military action;

Lee Child – action/thriller.

Come and browse the fiction collection – both paperbacks and hardbacks.

There is also a variety of non-fiction books from history, Australiana, Cooking, Gardening, Children’s books and a host of others that may interest you.

School Holidays – Pool Open

As school holidays have just commenced all residents are reminded that child friendly hours of pool usage has also increased and the hours to bring your grandchildren for a dip are:

10.45am—11.45am and also 3.45pm—4.45pm EVERYDAY between Saturday 23 September – Sunday 8 October.

Tell the grandkids to come on over and enjoy a dip!!!

Village Gym

Use of the Village Gym is increasing and we are aiming to revitalise the area through updates, information and minor repairs to some of the equipment.

Induction/familiarisation sessions are provided. We are also running a buddy program so if you are looking for someone to partner up with for your gym session, you can put your name forward.

The gym is open from 6.30am to 10pm.

Please reach out to Management who can put you in touch with a resident that conducts the induction/familiarisation.

Save the Date – October is a big one of activity…..

Sat 14th—6pm          Hamburger Dinner and Quiz Night

Tues 17th—2pm        Ladies Afternoon Tea

Thur 19th— 7pm       Bingo

Sun 22nd—11.30am  Village 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Wed 25th—4pm    Book Club

Sun 29th—9.30am  BBQ Breakfast

Re-sale Opportunity Available Now

Lot 40 — Which is a Gardenia Design is now on market and available immediately—$389,000 only. Fabulous central location within the village grounds with easy access to clubhouse and all facilities on it’s doorstep. Enquire Today by phoning Leah on 0417 783 147!!!

Spring is a wonderful time of year

Village Community Jigsaw

Next project is underway. The tactics that have come to light are a wonderful initiative…..Don’t be a stranger and come and join the puzzle putting together project in the Clubhouse at your convenience.

“Where the Smiles are genuine and the coffee is always on”

Champion Chatter – September 2023

Resident Birthdays

Birthday well wishes for this month are extended to:-

Barbara @ Lot 7

Peter @ Lot 19

Liam @ Lot 30

Leanne @ Lot 41

Peter @ Lot 45

Terry @ Lot 46

Roger @ Lot 47

Mary @ Lot 67

Dave @ Lot 72

Dianne @ Lot 86

Sue @ Lot 95

Sylvia @ Lot 100

Funny of the Month

Quote of the Month

Welcome to our Champion Community

Sue and Gordon

Welcome to Sue and Gordon who have recently moved into Lot 95 at 5 Tradition Road. They have been in the village for 5 months while their house was being built so they are now pleased to be settling into their permanent home.

Sue and Gordon initially met at the age of 12 when Gordon broke a window playing backyard cricket near his home in Birmingham, England and ran to the road Sue lived in with his friends – then he saw “this vision of loveliness”(Gordon’s words). As they lived in neighbouring suburbs they often met and kept contact with groups of mutual friends. They had holidays in Spain in their late teens and got married at the age of 21 and have now been married 54 years.

They settled in Tamworth, in the outer area of Birmingham for 5 years where Gordon worked as a billiard table fitter and moved around the various clubs in the area. Later they moved to Surrey due to Gordon’s work for over 3 years then to Bristol where he was building pool tables including those for professional competitions and exhibitions. Meanwhile Sue worked as a secretary.

They had 2 children, Daniel and Victoria who were born in England.

They came to Australia in 1980 as Sue’s parents and grandparents had retired in Perth. Sue has many tales of her grandparents who originally came to Australia in the 1920s and their experiences both in Pemberton and back in Birmingham. Sue had also visited with her sister in 1978 so had a glimpse of Australian life at that time.

Sue and Gordon and the children settled in a house in Mount Nasura, Kelmscott with a large garden and swimming pool where they lived for over 40 years

Gordon was fortunate and got a job within 2 days of coming to Perth building  billiard tables and subsequently with pool tables.

The children attended Kelmscott Primary school and were involved in various activities, Daniel played football in Armadale and Victoria was involved in Calisthenics and both children played T ball.

Later Gordon became a courier and Sue also worked in the office where they both remained for many years until retirement.

Their daughter Victoria lives in Gosnells and has a daughter, Elvie aged 10 years and a son, Rhys aged 6 who they are able to see regularly.

Their son, Daniel is a teacher and has spent many years teaching abroad including Thailand, Saudi-Arabia, Korea and is now in Beijing, China. 

They like the friendliness of the Village and liken it to communities of small country towns. They are content to have a smaller area to look after and a relaxed lifestyle.

Ken & Maureen

Welcome to Ken Cameron  and Maureen Dacey  at Lot 92, 39 Delight Way

Maureen was born in Como (no not Lake Como Italy!) WA and spent her formative years growing up  in Redcliffe, then on to Albany after getting married to Ted (dec’d).

Herself and Ted moved to Gosnells where she lived for 30 years prior to coming into the village. She has a son and a daughter. 

During her working life she had a variety of jobs mainly in office jobs and then into nursing at Royal Perth Hospital and the Children’s Hospital and also at the Blind Institute.

Her jobs included Secretary at a Lawyer’s office including court work and as a Medical Secretary.

Maureen enjoys knitting and likes doing jigsaw puzzles.

Maureen and her late husband and some wonderful trips away  including a cruise on the Gemini and an unforgettable experience of travelling on narrow roads in Thailand to visit a mountain village and having a sheer drop on the side of the coach into the valley below. Maureen describes it as quite a heart-stopping experience.

Unfortunately her husband Ted had dementia and passed away.

Ken originally came from Cairns, Queensland. He went to school in Brisbane then started at University but left and went to Mount Isa before  trying the armed forces in the army for 6 months before deciding it was not his chosen path in life.

In the 1970’s he married an Indian lady Pamela who had 2 sons  and they were married for 46 years. They had a daughter, Zelda and a son and lived in  the Perth area.  Ken had a working life with a multiple of jobs including driving trucks then in the retail trade with a wool shop in Forrest Place  then a health food shop in Carrillon then onto roofing for commercial buildings, a full and varied career, They lived in Wattle Grove for many years until his wife was ill and diagnosed with Alzeimers disease. After this he lived with his daughter for 2 years.

The most positive aspect of their story was their meeting through their joint involvement with their partners at the Alzeimers unit at Amaroo.

Their friendship increased so that they decided to move into the Village together.   They went around various areas looking for housing and found the bidding war for houses was very difficult and harsh. They came to the Village and love the houses here as well as finding the residents they meet being very friendly so they are very content to have chosen Champion Lifestyle as their forever home.

Ann & Brian

Arrived in Australia 32 years ago from Derbyshire England with 3 young daughters & 5 suitcases, initially residing in Bibra Lake for some years.

Since they arrived in Western Australia Brian has worked within different industries until he retired a few years ago.

You will see him walking most mornings their 2 Cavalier King Charlies spaniels dogs Frank & Rosie (both ex breeding dogs that are now also retired).

Ann remains working part-time in Nurse Education with a training College in Perth as well also undertaking clinical support within Home & Community Care, & within the NDIS programme.

Their 3 daughters are all grown up, with their eldest daughter currently enjoying a sea change & studying Vet Nursing, their second daughter studied Environmental Science & Marine Biology at Murdoch University & has given them a granddaughter ‘Thea’ a little while ago. Ann and Brian aptly named Nanna and Grumper enjoy spending time with her 1 day a week for Nanna & Grumpar day, while their daughter goes to work. Their third daughter has 2 children & is now in her 2nd year at Notre Dame University doing a Nursing Degree. Ann and Brian are fortunate that the 3 daughters and families all live close by within the Byford/ Cannington area.

Ann and Brian decided they wished to be closer to family & Ann’s work location, so moved back into this area to Champion Lakes, having lived also in Kelmscott, then later Harrisdale, & then in Baldivis for past 3 years.

Ann makes special mention that the drive up & down the Freeway to work will not be missed…….

The safety of living back in a village community where people care & look out for each other, (having lived in a few different small villages when they lived & worked in Derbyshire England). In Buxton in the high Peak, to a very well-known historical village called Eyam where the plague arrived in 1665 & the village cut them self’s off from the rest of England where some family ancestors lived & died at that time.

They are looking forward to a quieter life here at Champion Lakes, with no basket balls games in the street, or cricket balls hitting the garage door……. Ann is wanting to find the time to get back to doing some more resin work, & candle making.

So say “Hello” when you see them walking dogs Frank & Rosie, they look forward to meeting everyone.

Lois & her son Alan

Lois was born and grew up in East Fremantle. She worked at the Melville shire in the building surveyor’s office until her marriage.

She married an Englishman and they built a house on a block adjacent to her parents poultry farm on North Lake Road. Lois has a daughter and a son who grew up in that area and her husband worked on the family farm.

They later moved to Jandakot and had a farm where they had horses (trotters) and enjoyed riding the horses in the bush.

Unfortunately Lois’s husband, Roy was in a boating accident 20 years ago at Port Hedland when Lois and her friend were rescued but Roy was lost at sea.

They then had a farm in Mardella – Serpentine where they had sheep and trotting horses and grew hay. They did quite well with the trotters and Lois drove some of the trotters in the ladies’ races. (At that time ladies were not allowed to compete in the men’s races!!).

They moved to Byford 2 years ago and had a large block and 4-bedroom house. Lois’ daughter Sharon lives in Armadale and her granddaughter lives in Kalgoorlie and has 3 girls & 2 boys.

Alan was brought up and attended primary school in Jandakot then to Hamilton Hill High School in his latter years. He has always worked on the family properties.

He now enjoys going for walks around the village and surrounding areas with the backways and bush areas.

Lois loves horses and enjoys lawn bowls and belongs to Byford Bowling Club. Although she has not had time recently she is looking forward to getting back onto the greens and bowling soon.

She hates housework but loves gardening and is enjoying establishing her new garden. As Alan says she enjoys “Talking to the house plants”!

Our 5th Anniversary Party

Dog park, caravan parking and community garden upgrade

Dog park , caravan park and veggi garden relocation projects now completed!!

There is an abundance of oranges and other fruit trees to enjoy just in time  for our green thumbs to enjoy the change of season.

We are also very happy with the additional  amenity the new caravan and dog park enclosures bring the village as we continue to expand our facilities into the future. Exciting times

Village Community Jigsaw

Village Jigsaw project is certainly a winner. A picture tells a 1000 words. To those contributing effort and

enjoying the zen time well done. Progress is Good!!! The first puzzle has been completed and a new one is already underway. Come along and have a go.

Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Champion Chatter – August 2023

Resident Birthdays

To our residents celebrating a August  birthday we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!

Jim @ Lot 1

Ben @ Lot 5

Les @ Lot 8

Ailene @ Lot 23

Robyn @ Lot 31

Linda @ Lot 36

Rhonda @ Lot 53

Carol @ Lot 61

Mavis @ Lot 63

Colin @ Lot 67

Sue @ Lot 71

Funny of the month

Quote of the Month

Welcome to our newest residents

Jan and Graeme Stock

Graeme was born in Subiaco and grew up in WA moving to different areas he attended schools in Wembley and Maddington. 

After leaving school he joined a shearing team in Onslow and then worked at a Service station with his family in Port Hedland. He travelled around having a variety of jobs including with Dunlop tyres in both Darwin and Perth, along with a fair amount of travel and working on the Ord River Dam project. He worked on heavy machinery and obtained licences for front end loaders, tractors and trucks and then went on to training as a Mechanic.

Later he went to join and work with his sister and family in Wyndham.  He worked there on the wharves and truck driving and has several stories of experiences at that time. At one time he was meeting with a outback guy in the pub when the police arrested him and found out he was well known to the police and they collected 4 coffins full of guns in his possession, needless to say that was the last Graeme saw of him!!

He also has lots of stories of the meatworks there and getting cheap meat. He met and married his first wife there and had 2 children. They even had an encounter with the Min Min lights in open country where hovering lights seem to follow them and then mysteriously disappear at enormous speed.

Later he went to Geraldton and then to various areas in Perth mainly in Huntingdale for 10 years  and then Forrest Lakes for 10 more years where his family of a son and daughter grew up and later his wife passed away.  He now also has 4 grandchildren, all boys!!

Jan was born in Sydney and came to WA with her 2nd husband and 2 children in 1976 to have a different and more relaxed life from that in Sydney. She had 2 more children in WA so had 4 children and now has 9 grandchildren, all residing too in Western Australia.

Jan was fortunate to win a trip to Argentina in a competition and had 2-3 weeks in South America, and re-calls an interesting tale of her time in Brazil, where she was searched by police when it was found that the tour guide was a drug dealer. Jan was released and continued on her travels. She has always enjoyed the outback and had a 4WD for many years.

After the children had grown up she went back to work and managed an accounting firm for 20 years.

She met Graeme in Denmark in 2004 after both their marriage partners had passed away. After initially making contact they continued to liaise via phone then decided to drive down to meet him, supposedly for 3 weeks but stayed for 2 years. They sold their properties and bought a big car and caravan and had a good set up and toured around  Australia for 14 months. They love prospecting and spent many years in the outback gold prospecting spending some time in Yakabindie, near Leinster.  They had some small successes , the biggest being about 8 grams.  They love being in the bush and enjoy the outback life. In 2012 they went on a trip right around the top of Australia. They also love travelling abroad and have visited America, England and Europe.

In 2010 they brought a property in Wagin but then moved to Mandurah in 2012 to be near doctors and medical facilities. Unfortunately Graeme’s varied life has led to many health issues including spinal problems, plates and screws in his neck and several replaced joints. In 2016 they bought a property in Pinjarra where they built a house. Jan has a love of gardening and had a lovely native garden there. Graeme spent his time making toys from various bits of metal he had accumulated.

They moved into the village in May from Pinjarra and appreciate the smaller size of property and friendliness of the residents and safety of the village.

Sylvia James

Sylvia comes from Dartford, Kent, England and was brought up in that area where she was married in 1965. She had 3 children , 2 boys and a girl. She came to WA in 1974 and settled in the suburb of Thornlie with her husband and children.

They bought a 1 acre block in Kenwick where the children grew up and went to school. Sylvia worked in the retail sector and for a few years had a lunch bar in Maddington. She travelled after a few years through England, New Zealand and Singapore. From 2014  she owned a shop in Gosnells markets selling hair accessories and jewellery made with Swarovski  crystals.

Most recently she had resided in Gosnells for the past 28 years. However after an unfortunate incident where a car drove into her house and was damaged she  She moved into the village. She appreciates the safety and security here.

She has grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren but unfortunately they are spread around the country. Sylvia’s granddaughter Mikayla has recently become a paramedic so don’t be worried if you see an ambulance occasionally parked briefly near the area while she visits her Nan!!

She has always been interested and enjoys doing craft and making her jewellery. Sheila once she is more settled into village life is looking forward to join our craft group.

She also loves her gardening and will be sorting out her home courtyard garden and maybe later lend her skills, expertise and passion in the community garden also.

Kath Lattimore

Kath was born in  Maidenhead, Berkshire, England but has been here in West Australia for 50 years come December this year.

She arrived in 1973 and was accompanied by her husband Tom, who was in the Navy. She has three children, two girls and a boy  born in Perth between 1976 and 1981.

They lived in Lynwood and various areas South of the River and the children spent their childhood in those areas, being at East Kenwick Primary school then Lumen Christie High School. During those years Kath spent her time driving the children to their various activities  of cricket, T-ball, dancing just to name a few.

She  lived in Maddington for 28 years from 1993 until a divorce in 2009.

During her working career, at one stage Kath was a coordinator  and supervisor for pamphlets being delivered to our letterboxes and organising the walkers!!!  No doubt a taxing experience!

Kath has 8 grandchildren, 6 boys and 2 girls and an Angel. She has a son and daughter and their families living in Baldivis and a daughter and family in Southern River so they are quite close to Kath no doubt a consideration in her choice of area to live.

Her interests include line dancing which she does twice a week. She is in a 10 pin bowling league at Cannington Bowls which she does weekly. She is also a member of the West Coast Eagles but not sure if she should admit to that at the moment!! She loves reading and likes a good thriller. She has also visited UK and Ireland many times where she has parents and relatives.

Mary & Ken Black

Mary and Ken both came from the small town of Yarroweyah in Northern Victoria, a town which boasts a football club, a netball club, a Shire Hall, a Fire Brigade and a Roadhouse. Any shopping or other amenities have to be undertaken at Cobram which is 10km away.

Mary and Ken were brought up there and stayed in the area. They  built a large house in Yarroweyah and have 2 children, a son and a daughter who also grew up in the town. They lived there for 36 years.

During his early years, Ken lived with his family on a dairy farm until the age of 30ish . He visited Perth in 1969 and  worked on oil rigs for 10 months  before setting off to travel throughout Australia before returning  to Yarroweyah.

Upon his return they married and lived and brought up their children there and after undertaking share farming activities, worked as a linesman for Telstra then had different jobs until retirement.

Mary worked as a telephonist then clerical officer until having 2 children and later did odd jobs in the area  including picking flowers and kitchen jobs in a seniors home and hospital until retiring.

They moved to Perth in November 2022 as their children are in the area and came into the Village in May. They now have 4 grandchildren aged from 5 years to 4 months who are all in the local area so can visit regularly.

Ken was involved in Scouts and the Fire Brigade and local football club in Yarroweyah. Mary is interested in gardening and crocheting and patchwork and will no doubt continue with these interests once they are properly settled into their new home.  They are settling in well and are meeting many new people. 

The “Scene” around Champion Lakes

Ladies Afternoon Tea

Thank you so much to Susan Preece and team for organising an amazing event held in the Village Club House on Tuesday the 25th of July.

45 ladies didn’t let the rain and artic winds stop them from joining their fellow neighbours for a wonderful afternoon tea.

An amazing display of home baked goodies were enjoyed by all and the next afternoon tea is already scheduled for Tuesday 5th September in the Clubhouse.

Chinese and Trivia Night

26 residents enjoyed a night that was well co-ordinated by Social committee member Tom Watson at the local Sun Hing Chinese Restaurant followed by a Trivia night activity in the Clubhouse hosted by Helen Rubin as MC.

Looks like the brains trust was out in force and well fed on this occasion.  

Save the Date

Wednesday 16th August ( Quiz night ) 6pm to 10 pm

Thursday 24th August (Demystifying Support at Home) 1pm

Sunday 27th August and every last Sunday of each month (Breakfast )

Sunday 3rd September 5pm to 10 pm (Father’s Day Burger )

Tuesday 5th September 2pm onwards (Ladies Afternoon Tea)

Thursday 7th September 1pm to 5pm  and every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every Month. (Bingo)

Saturday 16th September 5pm to 11pm (Curry night )

Champion Chatter – June/July 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for the months of June and July are extended to:-

  • Robyn @ Lot 5
  • Faye @ Lot 19
  • Archie @ Lot 20
  • Frances @ Lot 24
  • Sheila @ Lot 26
  • Brett @ Lot 31
  • Mary @ Lot 34
  • Sheila @ Lot 39
  • Bill @ Lot 40
  • Jennifer @ Lot 42
  • Rita @ Lot 46
  • Archie @ Lot 52
  • Louise @ Lot 58
  • Elaine @ Lot 60
  • Tom @ Lot 62
  • Ian @ Lot 69
  • Jim @ Lot 74
  • Mary @ Lot 88

To our residents celebrating a June and July birthday we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!


We’d like to introduce two new members that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their forever home.

Keith and Dianne – Lot 86

After 11 years of residing in Aubin Grove, Keith & Dianne decided a couple of years ago that their forever home was going to be Champion Lifestyle Village. Dianne says confidently the first time they visited they just got the feel that this was the right place for them.

Dianne and her late husband were very good friends with Keith and his then wife for 36 years prior to this couple becoming life partners for the last 20 years enjoying every opportunity that is presented to them.

Both retired in 2011 and travelled Australia in a caravan for a year and loved the whole trip. In 2015 they leased a Villa in Sanur, Bali, living on a Kitas retirement visa for 4 years which they thoroughly enjoyed and have very fond memories. They say it’s all in the timing and with an agent over there contacting them with a purchaser keen to buy their Villa they sold up and headed to Europe for 6 weeks in August 2019. Obviously returning to Perth just prior to COVID restricting further travel plans for us all.

They collectively have 10 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren along with Dianne being mum to her son in Byford and daughter in Baldivis and Keith having 3 daughters in the local surrounding area of Perth.

These two-love life, enjoy swimming together in the indoor heated pool and in Diane’s own words if you are ever looking for Keith, you will find him on the golf course as that is his happiest place.

Prior to retirement Dianne worked within the funeral industry for 8 years and in the retail sector prior to that. Keith held roles in the building industry for his entire career for which he was responsible for opening a regional branch in Darwin for a local organisation in 1972, specialising in glazing & aluminium window frames, Cyclone Tracey coming through and flattening the town in 1974 ended that stint. His last 5 years was thoroughly enjoyed with one of the inaugural granny flat builders in Perth where he has very fond memories or his time and experiences with this group that rounded out his career prior to retirement.

Being one of the newest residents to join our community their first comments are that no other village compares to what is on offer here. They first heard about the Village via Dianne’s brother who brought his new house off some new residents a couple of years ago.

Keith and Dianne are very fortunate to have travelled the world and enjoyed immense experiences this has brought them both. Back in 2013 Keith’s best mate experienced health related rapid decline and this was the encouragement both Keith and Dianne needed to really get out and do and see what they can, whilst they can, with what they can. To say they haven’t looked back is an understatement.

Jennifer – Lot 42

Jenn joins us arriving from the Mt Barker region in South Australia where she had resided for the past 30 years.

After her husband Tom passed away 3 years ago, Jenn has decided a tree change was due and she has now settled into the Village with the knowledge that her daughter and partner are just around the corner in Armadale and her brother too is close by.

Having come from a ¾ acre block that required extensive maintenance and gardening upkeep she is looking forward to never having to water a plant or pull a weed ever again.

She was the proud and supportive housewife to an Army husband upon marrying at 19 and has 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren to enjoy in her retirement years.

Her husband ’s career in the Army and then later with the post office and property maintenance sectors ensured the family took up residence in a variety of locations in SA over the years, which all offered special experiences.

Jenn would like it reported that whilst she is of South Australian descent her football team of choice is for the “winning side” rather than being an Adelaide or Port Adelaide supporter particularly.

As Jenn’s move wasn’t just around the corner, her daughter and partner have been involved in the entire process and their support has been very appreciated by Jenn. All up Jenn feels it took 6-9 months for her to make her final decision on the village, location and house design that would be right for her. Once that decision was made though she was excited and sold up everything, starting here with brand new furnishings as part of her fresh beginning.

She is an avid Op Shopper too and has some treasurers that herself and children have made over the years displayed very nicely in her new forever home. She has a motto of Re-use, re-purpose and recycle at every opportunity.

Having now settled into the village over the last month Jenn is looking forward to taking part in craft/ crocheting and knitting activities and exploring other interests she may enjoy as part of the community.


26th August (Saturday) – Mid-year function



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Without using any vowel letter, the longest English word can be formed which is seven letter word – ‘Rhythm’.

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Clubs – Alexander the Great
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15 Bay Court Champion Lakes Property Photos  

The internal layouts available at Champion Lifestyle are second to none. Come see for yourself.

To make a viewing time, please call Leah Butler on 0438 510 789

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”