Champion Chatter – June/July 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for the months of June and July are extended to:-

  • Robyn @ Lot 5
  • Faye @ Lot 19
  • Archie @ Lot 20
  • Frances @ Lot 24
  • Sheila @ Lot 26
  • Brett @ Lot 31
  • Mary @ Lot 34
  • Sheila @ Lot 39
  • Bill @ Lot 40
  • Jennifer @ Lot 42
  • Rita @ Lot 46
  • Archie @ Lot 52
  • Louise @ Lot 58
  • Elaine @ Lot 60
  • Tom @ Lot 62
  • Ian @ Lot 69
  • Jim @ Lot 74
  • Mary @ Lot 88

To our residents celebrating a June and July birthday we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!


We’d like to introduce two new members that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their forever home.

Keith and Dianne – Lot 86

After 11 years of residing in Aubin Grove, Keith & Dianne decided a couple of years ago that their forever home was going to be Champion Lifestyle Village. Dianne says confidently the first time they visited they just got the feel that this was the right place for them.

Dianne and her late husband were very good friends with Keith and his then wife for 36 years prior to this couple becoming life partners for the last 20 years enjoying every opportunity that is presented to them.

Both retired in 2011 and travelled Australia in a caravan for a year and loved the whole trip. In 2015 they leased a Villa in Sanur, Bali, living on a Kitas retirement visa for 4 years which they thoroughly enjoyed and have very fond memories. They say it’s all in the timing and with an agent over there contacting them with a purchaser keen to buy their Villa they sold up and headed to Europe for 6 weeks in August 2019. Obviously returning to Perth just prior to COVID restricting further travel plans for us all.

They collectively have 10 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren along with Dianne being mum to her son in Byford and daughter in Baldivis and Keith having 3 daughters in the local surrounding area of Perth.

These two-love life, enjoy swimming together in the indoor heated pool and in Diane’s own words if you are ever looking for Keith, you will find him on the golf course as that is his happiest place.

Prior to retirement Dianne worked within the funeral industry for 8 years and in the retail sector prior to that. Keith held roles in the building industry for his entire career for which he was responsible for opening a regional branch in Darwin for a local organisation in 1972, specialising in glazing & aluminium window frames, Cyclone Tracey coming through and flattening the town in 1974 ended that stint. His last 5 years was thoroughly enjoyed with one of the inaugural granny flat builders in Perth where he has very fond memories or his time and experiences with this group that rounded out his career prior to retirement.

Being one of the newest residents to join our community their first comments are that no other village compares to what is on offer here. They first heard about the Village via Dianne’s brother who brought his new house off some new residents a couple of years ago.

Keith and Dianne are very fortunate to have travelled the world and enjoyed immense experiences this has brought them both. Back in 2013 Keith’s best mate experienced health related rapid decline and this was the encouragement both Keith and Dianne needed to really get out and do and see what they can, whilst they can, with what they can. To say they haven’t looked back is an understatement.

Jennifer – Lot 42

Jenn joins us arriving from the Mt Barker region in South Australia where she had resided for the past 30 years.

After her husband Tom passed away 3 years ago, Jenn has decided a tree change was due and she has now settled into the Village with the knowledge that her daughter and partner are just around the corner in Armadale and her brother too is close by.

Having come from a ¾ acre block that required extensive maintenance and gardening upkeep she is looking forward to never having to water a plant or pull a weed ever again.

She was the proud and supportive housewife to an Army husband upon marrying at 19 and has 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren to enjoy in her retirement years.

Her husband ’s career in the Army and then later with the post office and property maintenance sectors ensured the family took up residence in a variety of locations in SA over the years, which all offered special experiences.

Jenn would like it reported that whilst she is of South Australian descent her football team of choice is for the “winning side” rather than being an Adelaide or Port Adelaide supporter particularly.

As Jenn’s move wasn’t just around the corner, her daughter and partner have been involved in the entire process and their support has been very appreciated by Jenn. All up Jenn feels it took 6-9 months for her to make her final decision on the village, location and house design that would be right for her. Once that decision was made though she was excited and sold up everything, starting here with brand new furnishings as part of her fresh beginning.

She is an avid Op Shopper too and has some treasurers that herself and children have made over the years displayed very nicely in her new forever home. She has a motto of Re-use, re-purpose and recycle at every opportunity.

Having now settled into the village over the last month Jenn is looking forward to taking part in craft/ crocheting and knitting activities and exploring other interests she may enjoy as part of the community.


26th August (Saturday) – Mid-year function



“Rhythm” is the longest English word without a vowel.
Without using any vowel letter, the longest English word can be formed which is seven letter word – ‘Rhythm’.

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history.
Clubs – Alexander the Great
Spades – King David
Diamonds – Julius Caesar
Hearts – Charlemagne

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

What do bullet proof vests, fire escapes, windshield wipers and laser printers all have in common?
The only common thing is that all are invented by women.

Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.
With elephants, it is impossible for them to jump as unlike other mammals the bones in the elephant’s legs point downwards which means that they do not have the ‘spring’ required to push off the ground.

15 Bay Court Champion Lakes Property Photos  

The internal layouts available at Champion Lifestyle are second to none. Come see for yourself.

To make a viewing time, please call Leah Butler on 0438 510 789

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Champion Chatter – May 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for this month are extended to:-

  • Lesley @ Lot 2
  • Margaritta @ Lot 4
  • Sue @ Lot 12
  • Chris @ Lot 14
  • Anne @ Lot 16
  • Jennifer @ Lot 22
  • Tom @ Lot 25
  • Chris @ Lot 28
  • Dawn @ Lot 33
  • Frank @ Lot 59

To our residents celebrating a May birthday, we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!


We’d like to introduce two new members that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their forever home.

Lot 87 Les & Eve Moore

Both from the naval town of Chatham in Kent, they have been married for 62 years, and have one daughter Julie, 3 grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons.

With Les having the trade of a butcher they were able to take advantage of the Australian “Ten Pound Pom” scheme and emigrated to Perth in 1973.

Living in Parkwood, it was the days of Tip Top Meats, Charlie Carters, and he became Manager of Freecorns in Riverton. After a couple of years, he wanted better and eventually aspired to be a sales representative for Kraft Foods, this led to attending a 4-year TAFE course in Sales and Marketing which paid off with him getting his dream job as Sales Manager for Master Butchers now MBL in Victoria Park, distributors of machinery and products to the meat industry and a few years later moving into the Bakery and Food Service industries retiring as General Manager in 2004.

Eve has always been in the fashion and cosmetics industries managing at the Body Shop in Garden City, Booragoon and fashion boutiques, Katies etc South of the River.

They do most things together and their favourite pastime is ballroom dancing, attaining gold medal standard in the 1980s. Work and car accidents got in the way until they went back to dancing 8 short years ago. Their other joy is cruising, having covered most of the world apart from Russia and South America. When Les was working, he often had to travel East, and they were able to combine this with seeing most of the East Coast from South Australia to Queensland over those years.

Dogs are also a big part of their lives, from breeding and showing Red Setters and German Shepherds in the 1980s while in the kennel area at Canning Vale. Their love is Bichon Friese, having 6 girls since 1993. Their current Bichon, Bella is 9 months old and is settling in well to village life alongside doting mum and dad.

Retirement has given them the chance to pursuit the things they like to do. Les apart from spending 8 years as a home handyman is into model boat building taking 15 months to build the HMS Victory (launched at Chatham their hometown in 1765), his current project is the HMS Bounty. Eve only stopped working 4 years ago and has always been a dressmaker and still undertakes alteration projects on an ad hoc basis.

Apart from living in Canning Vale they spent over 10 years on the Canals in South Yunderup, which they admit is their favourite place although their recent decision to build here at Champion Lakes is the best thing, they could do at their age with security being a major priority for them both. In their words, “no basketball nets and unnecessary noise, and so far things have been great with meeting so many like-minded people”.


8th June (Thursday) – Annual Budget Meeting

16th June (Friday) – A Meet And Greet with Bicton Travel

29th June (Thursday) – Morning Tea with Waves Hearing Solution

26th August (Saturday) – Mid-year function

About Waves Hearing Solution

We are an independent family-owned and operated hearing service. We have been serving the Perth metropolitan and regional areas for almost 6 years. We look forward to meeting residents over an informal morning tea on Thursday 29th June. We will be available to undertake onsite FREE hearing tests if residents are so inclined. 

About Bicton Travel

Do you have your next holiday in mind? Perhaps a destination or cruise you’re looking at booking?

Are you eager to embark on your dream holiday but feel overwhelmed by the planning process? Book with an experienced travel expert who can provide advice, peace of mind plus find the best deals out there. 

Lee Van Dongen from Bicton Travel will be onsite at Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village taking Travel Appointments on Wednesday 14 June. Lee has been in the travel industry since 2009 and is a cruise expert, having travelled with many of the major cruise lines. He has visited many destinations, including the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, South America, and parts of the USA.  

Book your appointment time, come say hello, and he would love to chat more about your upcoming travel plans, give you expert advice and provide a quote on your desired holiday. 

Friday 16th June 2023 Time: 9am – 4pm Venue: The Lodge  

Appointments are essential. Please email, phone 9339 0277 or book online at


Scheduled for Thursday the 8th of June at 10am. A formal notice and agenda will be forwarded to all residents in the coming week.

This meeting is held by the village administering body to present the budget for the 23/24 financial year.

Having consulted with the resident committee over the last month your management team looks forward to seeing you all on the 8th June for the presentation.


Tom’s daughter surprised him and our street dressed as Easter bunnies and handed out eggs on Easter Sunday.

and Mavis and David Steele celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on the 24th of December 2022 and received a lovely letter in the mail from King Charles and Queen Camilla (Before the recent coronation event).

Mothers Day 2023

About 70 people turned up and it was a really nice day. Lots of positive comments from residents children and family about the village and the function, Well done to the Resident Committee for putting on such an extravaganza!!!


At our recent ANZAC Day BBQ Breakfast, our village was able to raise $525 which we donated to the RSL. We recently received a thankyou letter from their CEO, Phil Winter.

Read it in full here.

Dear Residents of Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village,

Thank you for your recent donation to the RSLA Foundation. The RSL values every
contribution received, which contributes to fulfilling the RSL objectives of supporting
veterans and their families.

We note the donations from Village residents were raised at the Anzac Day breakfast, held
after the Dawn Service, and we trust the day was enjoyable for all.

The RSLA Foundation is used to support activities and programs that directly benefits
returned and services personnel and their families. More recently, the RSLA Foundation has
provided support in the form of grants, for veterans affected by ill health, misfortune or to
support welfare, commemorations and RSL Active. RSLWA also has a range of State
programs you no doubt are aware of.

We sincerely thank you for your kind contribution and wish all the residents good health.

15 Bay Court Champion Lakes Property Photos  

Check out the internal layout of just one of our villa’s at Champion Lifestyle!

To make a viewing time, please call Leah Butler on 0417964608

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Champion Chatter – April 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for this month are extended to:-

  • Judy @ Lot 1
  • Fay @ Lot 17
  • Valerie @ Lot 30
  • Jay @ Lot 34
  • Christine @ Lot 48
  • Wendy @ Lot 50
  • Margaret @ Lot 56
  • Aileen Lot 65
  • Mark @ Lot 77
  • Greg @ Lot 78

To our residents celebrating an April birthday, we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!



One year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift… The next year, I didn’t buy her a gift.

When she asked me why, I replied, “Well, you still haven’t used the gift I bought you last year!” And that’s how the fight started…


My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to have sex?’

‘No,’ she answered. I then said,’Is that your final answer?’ She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, ‘Yes..’

So I said, “Then I’d like to phone a friend.”

And that’s how the fight started…


My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high school reunion, and she kept staring at a drunken man swigging his drink as he sat alone at a nearby table.

I asked her, “Do you know him?”, “Yes”, she sighed, “He’s my old boyfriend. I understand he took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear he hasn’t been sober since.”

“My God!” I said, “Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?”

And that’s how the fight started…


We’d like to introduce a new member that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their for-ever home.

Lot 73 — Carol

Born in Brighton, Victoria, with a sister 5 years her junior, due to her fathers sudden passing Carol’s mum moved to WA when Carol was 12.

Upon arriving in WA where her mum was raised, Carol started working at 16 at a Land Titles office in Perth, then aged care. Since her earlier career position, Carol has devoted the last 25 years to being the proud and successful owner of a licenced cattery and kennel business in Southern River, which was involved heavily with DogsWest and the particular art of pure breeding.

Carol was divorced many years ago and has a close bond and relationship with 1 son who resides in Armadale and 2 daughters who reside in Secret Harbour and Booragoon respectively. She enjoys spending time with her 2 younger grandchildren currently, and has fond memories of her times spent with her 4 older grandchildren in their earlier years.

Joining her in village life are her 2 chihuahua’s Mini and Lucy that are 2 and 1.5 years old. Evening walks are enjoyed, with all 3 of them having a sense of having found their place almost instantaneously. The open spaces and the very social street that Carol enjoys have ensured she is happy and content.

Coming from an older property that required extensive maintenance her friend Corrie is responsible for Carol commencing her right-sizing journey into village lifestyle, and with her close friend residing so close locally, Carol looks forward to enjoying their special friendship and bond all the more over coming years.

Due to her commitment to her animal profession over so many years, Carol doesn’t have the regular stories of adventures enjoyed on overseas trips like many. She does comment though that the friendships and all the people she worked alongside in the past gave her so much enjoyment and fulfilment. Carol has a very kindhearted spirit and nature, with a bit of cheekiness and a lovely smile thrown in to be enjoyed by the community here at the Village.


Our Bingo evenings continue to gain even more momentum and every session. This activity would not have been possible without the leading hand of Les Connolly, and we would like to thank him on behalf of all residents for his great efforts to date.

Due to upcoming holidays, Les is keen to pass on the Bingo Master role in the near future, and we encourage any resident(s) who would like to consider this volunteer role please make your interest known to Les, so he can provide full detail as to the duties involved.


Our communal garden area is now complete. Thank you to Sheila at Unit 44 for donating two apple trees.

We also have a lemon tree, passion fruit vine and blueberry bush, plus BBQ and shaded seating for residents directly adjacent to this aspect of the Village to enjoy as an extension of their backyard areas. We hope you all enjoy the space!


Our new Team member Jessie has settled into the village well, over the past 6 weeks she has delivered many letters to village residents, learnt to clean the coffee machine and test the pool.

Jessie has help out in the office with newsletter content and tidied the leaves for residents who back onto Lake Road. Should residents require any assistance from Jessie, please text or email Leah on Thursdays to arrange. Jessie is very keen to lend a helping hand.


Anzac Day – 25th April our traditional breakfast is being held.

Mother’s Day14th May will be morning tea. Like we did last year, we invited those who attended to please bring a plate. The committee will be providing the drinks and entertainment.

Our midyear dinner dance is to be held on Saturday 26th August


Stage 3 is well underway, with new roads expected to be completed in May.

Due to the ever-increasing demand of new builds, we have also had to engage more personnel to assist us keep up.

New House Prices for homes in Stage 3:

  • Iris – $379,000
  • Gardenia – $389,000
  • Rose – $449,000
  • Poppy – $469,000

Plus an exciting new design -the ‘Lily’ – $459,000

Lily Floor Plan

Wider Community Support

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Champion Chatter – March 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for this month are extended to:-

  • Ron @ Lot 9
  • John @ Lot 15
  • John @ Lot 58
  • Sharon @ Lot 78
  • Ross @ Lot 79

To our residents celebrating a March birthday, we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!


It is wonderful to introduce 2 more residents into the village that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their for-ever home.

Lot 16 — Anne Bain

Anne and her husband Stan arrived in Sydney in 1972 having left their county village residence in the UK to experience Australian life. After only 1 year however, they moved to Brisbane for 6 months before purchasing a caravan and travelling Australia for 2 years. They arrived in Western Australia and fell in love with the State, and have never left.

Setting up their home in Rivervale initially, they then moved to Kelmscott to raise a family before moving to the Mandurah area in their latter years. Stan has since passed, and their children Emma and John both reside local to the Village that Anne now calls her forever home.

As Anne has settled into the village she has been overwhelmed at times with the amount of neighbours that say hello to her beautiful Retriever Oscar who is 6. We have joked regularly that everyone knows Oscar, but not yet Anne by name….

Anne was born in Kenya and spent her earlier years alongside her 4 brothers and sisters traversing to various locations throughout their childhood due to the nature of having Air force based parents. They settled in the UK in their former years as a family, with local postings eventuating.

Anne was attracted to the village due to the space to roam around the village in a safe and community spirited environment. Anne has made comment that the pet-friendly nature certainly lives up to its reputation here at Champion Lifestyle.

Anne is looking forward to actively completing all the puzzles available at her leisure in the library and is one of our communities early risers, taking Oscar for a walk daily.

Lot 44 — Sheila

Sheila has very recently settled into our village community having resided in Thornlie for the past 32 years prior to having enjoyed an incredible and enjoyable lifestyle of being a football player/ coaches wife that took her and her husband Tony across the world during his career as a professional sportsperson with them both from the UK originally.

Sheila is a very proud mum and grandmother to 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons of which she is fortunate to have them all residing local to her here in Western Australia. She also has a sister in Torquay.

Along with her lively and engaged family schedule, she is also a very active member of her local parish church and enjoys the friendships and duties that she undertakes aligned to her Christian religious beliefs.
When asked about her earlier years of residing in London, Torquey, Exeter, Bourne-mouth, Manchester, Sydney and Kuwait, she has very fond memories and experiences of her time enjoyed alongside her husband’s career and the wonderful friendships she established during that journey. Sheila is looking forward to being able to travel again (like we all are), and has her first trip booked for early August.

Being another early riser to the village, Sheila enjoys her walks across our community in the mornings and is looking forward to enjoying our pool facilities soon, now that she has so very methodically and meticulously decorated her fore ever space with the eye of a brilliant interior designer. Upon entering her Villa you really do get a sense of calm and enjoyment Sheila, and we look forward to you being very happy at Champion Lifestyle and the very special space you have created and can call your own.


At our monthly Wednesday Bingo sessions, which start at 7 o’clock in the clubhouse, 26 to 30 seniors participate. Each participant must pay $10 to enter, which includes a 6-game card. Each additional 6-game card costs $10, and players are allowed to play more than one card.

Bring some snacks and your favourite beverage, as well as your sense of humour, and we’re confident you’ll have a good time.


Village Management and Thinkdata are pleased to advise that the village security camera’s have successfully been re-set and can be viewed on channels 500 – 512 in the comfort of residents homes on
their TV.

If you need assistance in undertaking an update on your television so that you can view these channels please let us know at


Our community garden is thriving. Great work to all the green thumbs that are contributing to it’s success!

Next 3 Monthly Village Community Meeting

The time has come again to host our regular village community meeting, whereby residents are invited to meet with management to discuss items about the village that affect them. As we look for a suitable date, we ask residents to please put forward items they would like placed on the Agenda or questions that they have, so we can best allocate a suitable time and date to address these at this forum.

Residents are asked to please have these agenda items and questions presented to management via the mailbox or via email to by Wednesday 22nd March 2023. Once this time period has lapsed, we look forward to advising all residents of the day and time set for early April to host this forum.


We recently requested that all caravan parking area occupiers notify village management of their respective registration number place information. We have almost completed our records update and to those residents that have confirmed their details, thank you. We do now seek the following residents
of these plate details please:-

  • 1TVE-692
  • 1TUP-616
  • MH0871B
  • 1TGA-186

Having this information will allow us to communicate with you promptly in the event of an
emergency situation as well as allow us to make improvements as to managing the parking
area more proactively.


Each year on the 1st April as part of a national reminder we encourage all residents to change smoke alarm batteries. Please note : new battery will continue to beep up to 15 mins after install. If residents require assistance, please let management know.

With the increased Villa’s occupied across our Village, we would like to ask residents to please ensure they are correctly advising all delivery/ postal services of their correct address. Address should be listed as:-
Letterbox number, street name, CHAMPION LAKES 6111.

Whilst on the subject of new residents, we would like to thank our community for all their efforts and support provided to new residents upon them arriving into our village. It is amazing to witness the intangible attributes that really does put Village Living in a league of its own.


Line Dancing lessons have re-commend at the Village with a bang. The more the merrier so come join the regular bunch who are boot scooting their way around the Lodge every Friday at 10am. Cost per class is only $10.


Easter Sunday: April 9th – We will be having a pancake breakfast or scones morning tea
Anzac Day: 25th April – our traditional breakfast is being held
Mother’s Day: 14th May – We will be having a morning tea. Like we did last year, we invite those who attend to please bring a plate. The committee will be providing the drinks and entertainment.
26th August – Our midyear dinner dance is to be held


Book Club

Our Village book club has commenced recently and meets the last Wednesday of each month in our Clubhouse at 4pm. All are welcome.

Weekly activity calendar

An updated weekly activity calendar of events happening at your village is now available. Please be sure review the activities and take part in those that interest you. You can get a copy from the village office or with your physical copy of this month’s newsletter.

Insurance Renewal of resident contents insurance
Recently we have been encouraged to notify residents that when their renewal of insurance notice comes in for their own insurances this year, they take the time to undertake some research and ensure they are getting a good deal from their current provider. Residents have made us aware that the premiums often offered in the 1st instance are not as competitive as they should or could be.


Microwave bowl / plate holders. Put an end to burning your hands when taking a plate out of the microwave! Place the bowl / plate into the holder, then place together in the microwave. They come in a variety of different fabric designs. Made from 100% cotton and are microwave safe.

Small is $7.50
Regular $10
Dinner plate $15
All 3 sizes $30.

Please contact Anne at Lot 43 to purchase.

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Champion Chatter – February 2023 Edition



Birthday well wishes for this month are extended to:-

Eve @ Lot 15

Alan @ Lot 22

Rosalie @ Lot 25

Meryl @ Lot 32

Anne @ Lot 38

Elaine @ Lot 49

Myrna @ Lot 51

Barry @ Lot 54

Lorna @ Lot 59

Ron @ Lot 60

Jackie @ Lot 62

Ron @ Lot 65

Vanessa @ Lot 66

To our residents celebrating a February birthday we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!


It is wonderful to introduce 4 more residents into the village that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their forever home.

Located on the same street within the Village these 2 couples are a wonderful addition to an already thriving and lively street within our community. We are so very pleased you have both settled in so well to your respective Villa’s.

Lot 63—David and Mavis

The new villa of Lot 63 is a far cry from the 300 year old cottage David and Mavis once resided in before they migrated to Perth some 34 years ago after a 24 year stint in the lovely village of Cornwell. They were both born in London and grew up during the war  years in the East end.

This photo was taken back in 2019 on one of their many trips to the UK to visit friends and family that they have shared many happy and good times with.

Having been married for 65 years they have 5 children, 10 grandchildren and one great grand daughter (thus far).

They moved to Perth in 1989 after their son married a Perth lady and have resided in Margaret River for a couple of years as well as their most recent dwelling in Huntingdale that was situated on 700m2 with 3 lawn spaces that became a chore to manage. With many a wonderful story to keep us entertained for hours be sure to ask David about sarong gardening…..

Both have been business owners and homemakers during their careers, and with all but 1 child now based in Perth they are very family orientated in their activities and interests.

Mavis is very keen on anything craft based and has special interests in patchwork, knitting, crotchet and quilting.

The transition into the Village was well supported by their family and they chose a Champion Lifestyle due to the individual design choices available to them along with the courtyard space. Prior to moving in they were already attending the social events and became regulars at our village breakfasts. Having this sense of knowing their neighbours from the get go has assisted them over recent weeks and months as Mavis recovers from a hip operation and they both recover from Covid.

They absolutely love pet sitting their children’s dash-hounds, Japanese Spitz and Snouzers as required  on occasion so if you see a revolving door of pooches be confident that David and Mavis are being kept in good company.

Lot 65—Ron and Aileen

60 years married along with their rescue pooch Cara aged 14, Ron and Aileen have joined us in the Village after 44 years in Kelmscott. They met in Kagoorlie many moons ago where Ron was not your typical borne and breed Kal boy with his quiet and shy demeanour. After Aileen dated his best friend a couple of times at the age of 14, she decided Ron was more to her taste and the 2 of them have remained a partnership all these many years on.

Ron has a background in manual arts having been involved in woodworking and metal works at the high school for more than 20 years before retiring.

Aileen commenced her career as a Nursing Assistant and was with Thomas Scott as a carer most recently for the last 30 years. Due to mobility issues with Ron over recent times her experience and knowledge in this area has ensured the move into the village has been a very beneficial one for them both.

They have 4 children of which 3 of them reside locally to the area. Their son Wayne passed away 5 years ago from illness.

Aileen is a huge traveller and LOVES anything in the Asian pacific region and has 50 trips to Bali under her belt. Italy however is hot on her bucket list of destinations in the foreseeable future. Ron on the other hand is petrified of aeroplanes so has much preferred sending Aileen off on holidays without him needing to get into the air for anything!!

Do not let Ron’s quiet persona fool you though as I have it on good authority that the reason he left Kalgoorlie all those years ago is because of Filthy Phyllis and Kalamunda Kate taking a bit of a shine to Ron in his hey-day where he was a truck driver in town delivering to all the local establishments.

They are proud of their 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren and cherish time spent with them when possible.

Aileen is a socialising guru and will be found always doing something. From lunches to travel, to caring for Ron or simply enjoying a good chat, she first visited the village 5 years ago however the time then was not right. As circumstances changed and with only some very minor modifications made to their Villa they are very happy to call Champion Lifestyle their new abode.


With such an abundant supply of beautiful red and ripe tomatoes available in our clubhouse picked fresh from our village community garden it was fitting to share some health benefits of this delicious summer fruit.

Remember also to please leave a gold coin donation for your produce so that the community garden can continue to flourish in supplying of all the natural goodness we enjoy week in week out.


Village Management and the Resident Committee are delighted to welcome to our regular support team Jessie who has commenced at the village today the 2nd February 2023 on a school work placement programme. Jessie will be support us in many different facets and duties around the village and as you can tell from her introduction below she is just as excited to be joining us as we are to have her as part of our ever growing Community.

Hello my name is Jessie Taylforth and I attend Baldivis Secondary College as a Year 11 Student   

I am going to be working here at Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village every Thursday of 2023 for my work placement for school. I will be helping out in the office and offering a helping hand to village management and the residents committee as required.

A little bit about me— I was born in England and moved to Australia when I was two years old, I am now sixteen and I’m in year 11 at high school. There are 5 people in my family, my mum and dad, my two older sisters, and me! I also have two Maltese Shih Tzu’s named Henry and Willow. I am working towards gaining a career as a Police Officer as I love doing things for the community. I have volunteered at the Baldivis Country Fair, Relay For Life and The Baldivis Children’s Forest so I would like to continue that in the future making a safe and positive community. I love playing sport especially swimming and AFL. I look forward to seeing you all around!


As some of you are already aware we are also delighted that Fiona who has been with us now for 18 months has agreed to take on additional duties to support our village growth and will be doing an additional day on site to actively engage with residents regarding their Thinkdata servicing and administration requirements associated with their accounts.

Fiona will be in contact with each resident in due course however should you need to contact her at any time she can be emailed at


This month Village Management would like to send a very special thank you to the resident committee in acknowledgement of the tireless work the members and their supporters undertake to ensure such a fabulous social scene is always available at Champion Lifestyle. The huge work undertaken often behind the scenes to bring each and every occasion together does not go un-noticed. THANK YOU!!!!

With all the trades personnel back from holidays and the village construction site growing rapidly we would like to kindly remind residents to NOT enter the clearly marked construction area’s of the village without management attendance. We remind all residents that our trades staff , management and the village community individuals play a role in ensuring we have a safe work site at all times. Your co-operation in this regard is appreciated.

During January we also farewelled Margaret @ Lot 16 from our village community. To all residents who supported and were friends with Margaret we appreciate your support during her journey with us. Her move from our village has allowed for her higher care needs to be met to support her moving forward.


BBQ breakfast on Sunday 16th   January. We had a great attendance of 55 residents enjoying a scrumptious selection of items underneath a clear blue sky.

Australia Day celebratory lunch of hamburgers and lamingtons with a side serve of many Aussie flags and the wonderful Aussie humour of so many of our residents was enjoyed by all on 26th Jan 2023



Meditation sessions are held in the Theatre room at 4 pm every Sunday led by Lorna. It is a nice location for some peaceful reflection and all are welcome.

Line Dancing

Line dancing will start again on Friday the 3rd of February at the usual cost of $10 per person. So polish up your dancing shoes all you boot scooters and join in for some fun and exercise. For further information contact Lorna.


All village homes and communal facility gutters are inspected/ cleaned before Summer and Winter seasons set in. In addition to this  homes that are located near large trees will have gutters and solar panels cleaned in February and August .The cost associated with the works will be incorporated into the village weekly operating fees.

Please note: Following fallen limbs from recent very strong winds experienced by the Village, Management has requested that the City of Armadale regularly inspect/monitor verge trees and if possible trim back as necessary to reduce disease susceptibility and of course maintenance upkeep.  

Gutter cleaning

Dates booked for 2023

Monday 13th February 10am

5 x Lake road/check lodge pool manager

Friday 5th May 9am – full service

Friday 4th August 10am

5 x Lake road/check lodge pool managers (pending rain)

Friday 3rd November 9am– full service

Champion Chatter – January 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for this month are extended to:-

Margaret @ Lot 16

David @ Lot 26

Faye @ Lot 37

Tony @ Lot 37

Erica @ Lot 69

Susan @ Lot 79

To our residents celebrating a January birthday, we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved friends and family members!!




Your Village Management team has enjoyed a fabulously relaxing and festive break with Leah and family heading to Busselton to enjoy our great south-west and wonderful weather.

Fiona took up the opportunity of a lifetime to get onto a boat allowed in the inclusion zone on the harbour for the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race on Boxing Day, and then headed to Hobart to enjoy Tasmania.

We look forward to hearing your wonderful stories of what residents got up to over the xmas break too now that all village staff are back on board and looking forward to a great 2023.


A lovely photo of a group of residents enjoying a day out in Mandurah being chaperoned by Santa himself…….

Staying in the festive spirit, a trip to see the Christmas lights was arranged in mid-December, and the boat ride and fish & chip dinner was highly regarded by those residents who attended. A trip down the canals of Mandurah for the annual specular that encompasses all things Xmas cheer was a lovely way to close out the year. Thanks to Sheila for organising.

Our Village Christmas dinner was then held on 15th December and was extremely well attended. To all residents who supported and assisted bring such a great night to our Village, we say well done and thanks.

And then there were celebrations to bring in the New Year. With roast meat and gravy rolls, cocktails, karaoke and fun to be had we present to you the last ones standing for the evening welcoming in 2023 with much laughter and smiles…….

Wishing you all a brilliant and healthy new year!


Chief Health Officer has recently sent a notice to all older Australians in regard to the availability of the Anti-viral medication available at the early stages of being diagnosed with Covid-19. Please ensure you read the attached notice so you are well prepared should you test positive.


This advertisement was recently noticed on a social media page and we just thought it so clever we have provided a screen shot of their services at

Please reach out to them directly if you would like to connect.


The community garden has never thrived as thoroughly as it is this Summer. Residents have been spoilt with the produce being made available by our Village green thumbs!!! Well done to all involved.

Silver beet, perpetual spinach, cucumbers, red lettuce, rhubarb, roma tomatoes, giant tomatoes, chillies and herbs are regularly being harvested and the resident committee will continue to let you know when fresh produce is available for selection in The Lodge for a gold coin donation.


Sat 15th Jan              – Village breakfast – $7.50 per person. 9.30am

Thurs 19th Jan          – Extra Crazy Whist Afternoon. Clubhouse between 2-4pm

                                    Flyer attached

Tues 7th Feb             – Supa Golf Day – Swan Valley. Further details to follow.