Champion Chatter – November 2023 edition

Resident Birthdays

Quote of the Month

Interesting Facts of the Month

Facts about Uluru!

1. It’s taller than the Eiffel Tower

Towering 348 metres above the surrounding plane, Uluru is taller than several famous buildings around the world including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Chrysler Building in New York.

2. It takes about 3.5 hours to walk around the base

Uluru is 3.6 kms long and 1.9 kms wide, with a total circumference of 9.4kms. The incredible walk around the base takes you through a surprising variety of landscapes, and is best attempted in the morning before the desert heat sets in.

3. There is even more of it underground

Uluru is big, but most of its mass is buried under the surrounding desert. Uluru as we see it today was created by millions of years of erosion of the softer surrounding rock. Beneath the surface, Uluru extends at least another 2.5kms.

4. Uluru receives around 300mm of rainfall every year

It varies a lot each year, but Uluru receives around 300mm of rain on average each year, creating waterfalls and bringing new life to the rock and surrounding desert.

Welcome to our new residents Allan and Linda

Linda and Allan moved into the village on 15th September. They met nearly 8 years ago through Allan’s daughter and Linda’s son.

Allan has a house in Camillo where he built a granny flat which he moved into. He has 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. He has 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

He had a very varied working life from farming to laying asphalt, working at ReadyMix for 20 years.

Linda has 1 son and 2 grandchildren, 1 boy and 1 girl and lived in Kelmscott before moving to the Village. She also lived in a granny flat prior to her recent move.

Linda worked as a picker and packer in a warehouse for many year which was a job she loved. She has been retired 5 years.

Linda was a single lady for 30 years before meeting Allan. Allan asked Linda’s son if his mum would like to have a coffee with him and her son said why not and it went from there.

They married here at the Village on Saturday 21st October, Allan would like to do one more road trip to Paralup – Rocky Gully where he grew up. Linda is over travelling as she has been on many cruises. These days she is happy to stay at home and do her crafts.

Linda has emphysema so walking is difficult. Allan has had 2 heart attacks. He enjoys watching car and motor bike racing and walking the village grounds.

5th Anniversary celebrations

Over 100 of our residents celebrated the Villages 5th Anniversary on Sunday 22nd of October, the entertainment and company was enjoyed by all and we look forward to many more celebrations with you into the future.

Your continued support of the community we continue to build here is unwavering and appreciated.

We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we have enjoyed the journey thus far.

A big thank you to Denise and Ron for the video photo highlights and painting donation, our generous residents raised a total of $273.00 for Telethon which is fantastic.

Art and Crafts group

Re-Sale Opportunity

Carpet Bowls Call out for new participants

The regular carpet bowls village group would like to extend an invitation to all residents old and new alike to come join them at their regular sessions of Sundays and Wednesdays 9am—12pm weekly in the Clubhouse.

The group are very happy to teach new comers to the art of carpet bowling or old hands that just need a refresher in bowl bias and such things. They are willing to show the bowls so to speak to any residents keen on participating.

Additionally the carpet bowl antics each week also provides much entertainment to those that may wish to join but only from the sidelines whilst enjoying a tea/ coffee or best hot chocolate in Perth that we have available at our Village.

No need to book. Please just put the 9am—12 noon Wednesday and Sundays in your calendar and come down the clubhouse and be openly welcomed by these regular enthusiasts that laugh from end to end each session.

Save the Date

Monday 6th Nov          – Triple B presentation 12pm on Home Care solutions with luncheon provided.

Tuesday 7th Nov          – Village Melbourne Cup 11am. $5 & $2 sweepstakes. BYO drinks & food platters provided

Thursday 16th Nov  – Bingo at 7pm. $5 for 6 games

Sunday 19th Nov   – Village Fair

Thursday 23rd Nov  – Annual Meeting— 11am Clubhouse. Presented by Village Management

Thursday 23rd Nov   – Quiz night at 7 pm. Gold coin entry and a hamper raffle will be $2 for 1 ticket or 3 for $5

Sunday 26th Nov   – $7.50 for Breakfast at 9.30am

Thursday 7th Dec   – Bingo 7pm

Jigsaw Puzzle update

More and more residents are taking up the opportunity to participate in the community jigsaw puzzle activity in the Clubhouse. All residents are encouraged to join in the task at their leisure.

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”