How to Choose a Lifestyle Village

It’s essential to identify what is important to you when selecting a lifestyle village – and with so many options to choose from, picking the village that is the perfect fit for you can be quite overwhelming.

But whether it’s an apartment-style complex or an over 50s community you are leaning towards, these tips will help make that choice a little bit easier.

The Choice of Homes

Knowing whether or not you are willing to downsize before relocating to a lifestyle is crucial due to limitations regarding accommodation sizes. While some villages offer spacious villas, others are confined to apartments, and deciding which you’d prefer to reside in is a brilliant first step in choosing the perfect lifestyle village for you.

Meet the Staff

Interacting with a village’s staff (notably its manager) will provide valuable insight into how the village appears and is maintained – an important factor in selecting a community to begin residing within. Other discussion with the manager may include information regarding the security measures taken within the village, such as security gates and 24-hour assistance.

Investigate Social and Leisure Activities

Be sure to ask each lifestyle village you visit about the activities and amenities that are on offer to residents. This may include swimming pools, lawn bowls pitches or gymnasiums to name a few, and all of which may ensure your social and leisurely needs will be met within the village.

Speak to Existing Residents

Obtaining an opinion of the lifestyle village from some of its current residents is perhaps the most crucial tip of all when it comes to the selection process. As a potential future resident, there is no source better to gain an understanding of day-to-day life in the village than those who are closest to it (and view it every single day).

Surrounding Facilities

It’s a good idea to think about the facilities and amenities you would like to have nearby to your lifestyle village. This includes shopping centres, beaches or perhaps health and community services. It is also important to consider whether having these facilities within walking distance is a priority for you.

Consider Your Future Health Needs

Investigate whether your ideal lifestyle village will be able to facilitate the delivery of health care and support, or whether they partner with nearby aged care facilities to assist their residents.

Talk to the experts at Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village. We encourage people to talk to our residents to get a first-hand account of their experiences and to gauge how happy they are. When you’re ready to step over the threshold to a wonderful new future, we’re ready to welcome you. For enquiries, please contact us at (08) 9390 3909.