The Pros and Cons of Living in Lifestyle Villages

If you’re approaching retirement age, you may be curious as to where you will live during this next stage of life. In this vein, there are many benefits pertaining to relocating to a lifestyle village. Living in a lifestyle village (commonly known as a retirement village) offers a range of supportive and effective features – so when considering your move, take the time to consider each parameter below.

Why Living Independently May Not Be the Right Option


Seniors can, unfortunately, have a tendency to become isolated or lonely if living alone (or if mobility is limited at all). Finding a solution to enable seniors to easily access a social community may be easily achieved through a lifestyle village; making this a vital aspect to consider when assessing a move.


Depending on your household conditions, the economy of retaining a larger house for fewer people can be very uncertain. If considering the move into a lifestyle village, budget the costs (including healthcare, meals, maintenance, utilities, and other costs) of living in your current house when compared to a lifestyle village’s entry and residential fees.


In mature age, it may become aware that your home is filled with hazards or potential safety issues. As you assess whether you wish to remain in your home rather than relocate to a lifestyle village, it is essential to undertake a home safety assessment, and as such, apply the necessary changes to ensure your home is safe and equipped with adequate resources for your safety.

Pros of Living in A Lifestyle Village


Moving into a lifestyle village is often correlated with the downsizing process. There are multiple financial benefits of selling a large house and moving into a smaller village (with a lot more communal space), and there are also multiple benefits once residing in a lifestyle village.

A major benefit is that the facilities within a lifestyle village are included in a resident’s initial package and/or contract. Community centres, sports facilities, and recreational centres within or around the village offer reduced rates or free entry, and transport facilities within a village and beyond are often heavily.

Nursing Care

Lifestyle villages offer second-to-none healthcare facilities 24 hours a day, providing you with peace of mind should a fatal incident occur. This plethora of resources, amenities and support systems will ensure you maintain the best health possible – and all alleviate the unnecessary stress of seeking medical assistance outside of the home.

Social and Leisure Activities

Active social calendars are prevalent within many lifestyle villages, allowing for residents to interact, establish comradery and form friendships and connections. Activities including wine tastings, free concerts or special dinners can take place across a village which may include such enjoyable facilities as golf courses, pools, tennis courts, parklands and more.

By no means is this decision an easy one – but there is comfort in the knowledge of one of the country’s most accommodating lifestyle village’s facilities and strong community values. Champion Lakes is one of WA’s premium retirement village. Our village is uniquely designed for over 55s who seek an active, social and secure retirement. For enquiries, please contact us at (08) 9390 3909.