April Newsletter – 2021

April 2021

Welcome to our April news and updates!

We began Autumn with Saint Patricks Day celebrations. As usual, Jim and Judy entertained us with their creative costumes and we enjoyed green food and drinks to fit the theme. 

We celebrated Easter with a High Tea which was a bright and extravagant occasion with food galore. We welcomed many of our future residents to join in the fun with Jacky taking out the win for her amazing easter bonnet. Kay and Judy also had an impressive display, making the hat parade a lively event!

Thanks to the baking talents of our residents, the array of delicious delicacies was most enjoyable. We all appreciated the hard work that went into making the event so special.

Loving the ugg boots with bunny ears plus a very handy chocolate bucket hat.

Our Stage two construction is well underway with new homes being started every week! Stay tuned for sneak peek photos next month with some of the amazing ideas our residents have come up with to make their homes unique, we think they look great!

The process of selling the family home and moving into a village can sometimes be daunting, often it’s hard to know where to start so we asked our residents to share some friendly advice and tips:

We decided it was time to move due to our family home being too big and large gardens required continual maintenance which was becoming difficult to keep up.’

‘We chose Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village because of the friendly atmosphere, and preferred a family business rather than a large corporate body. We liked the trees and landscaped garden areas, plus being pet friendly. The feeling of safety and security was important to us and the exit strategy was good and reasonable.’

‘Since moving into the village we have had plenty of company when wanting to socialise. It’s nice not feeling lonely with friendly people around. There is always help when needed and we are more relaxed with less housework and gardens to manage.’

‘One tip we would pass onto any future residents would be to start getting rid of unnecessary stuff, the sooner the better! 

Many of our residents enjoy a practical joke now and then, this week Chris shared her morning coffee with a friendly spider. The scream followed by laughter was heard across the village!

Also this month I celebrated the big 40! Thank you to my Champion Lakes family for spoiling me with baked goodies and a delicious dinner, I certainly felt very lucky to be part of such a caring community.

Best Wishes Keith, Jane, Leah and Family