Champion Chatter – June/July 2023 Edition


Birthday well wishes for the months of June and July are extended to:-

  • Robyn @ Lot 5
  • Faye @ Lot 19
  • Archie @ Lot 20
  • Frances @ Lot 24
  • Sheila @ Lot 26
  • Brett @ Lot 31
  • Mary @ Lot 34
  • Sheila @ Lot 39
  • Bill @ Lot 40
  • Jennifer @ Lot 42
  • Rita @ Lot 46
  • Archie @ Lot 52
  • Louise @ Lot 58
  • Elaine @ Lot 60
  • Tom @ Lot 62
  • Ian @ Lot 69
  • Jim @ Lot 74
  • Mary @ Lot 88

To our residents celebrating a June and July birthday we celebrate with you and say best wishes for a lovely day enjoyed with loved ones and family members!!


We’d like to introduce two new members that have chosen Champion Lifestyle Village as their forever home.

Keith and Dianne – Lot 86

After 11 years of residing in Aubin Grove, Keith & Dianne decided a couple of years ago that their forever home was going to be Champion Lifestyle Village. Dianne says confidently the first time they visited they just got the feel that this was the right place for them.

Dianne and her late husband were very good friends with Keith and his then wife for 36 years prior to this couple becoming life partners for the last 20 years enjoying every opportunity that is presented to them.

Both retired in 2011 and travelled Australia in a caravan for a year and loved the whole trip. In 2015 they leased a Villa in Sanur, Bali, living on a Kitas retirement visa for 4 years which they thoroughly enjoyed and have very fond memories. They say it’s all in the timing and with an agent over there contacting them with a purchaser keen to buy their Villa they sold up and headed to Europe for 6 weeks in August 2019. Obviously returning to Perth just prior to COVID restricting further travel plans for us all.

They collectively have 10 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren along with Dianne being mum to her son in Byford and daughter in Baldivis and Keith having 3 daughters in the local surrounding area of Perth.

These two-love life, enjoy swimming together in the indoor heated pool and in Diane’s own words if you are ever looking for Keith, you will find him on the golf course as that is his happiest place.

Prior to retirement Dianne worked within the funeral industry for 8 years and in the retail sector prior to that. Keith held roles in the building industry for his entire career for which he was responsible for opening a regional branch in Darwin for a local organisation in 1972, specialising in glazing & aluminium window frames, Cyclone Tracey coming through and flattening the town in 1974 ended that stint. His last 5 years was thoroughly enjoyed with one of the inaugural granny flat builders in Perth where he has very fond memories or his time and experiences with this group that rounded out his career prior to retirement.

Being one of the newest residents to join our community their first comments are that no other village compares to what is on offer here. They first heard about the Village via Dianne’s brother who brought his new house off some new residents a couple of years ago.

Keith and Dianne are very fortunate to have travelled the world and enjoyed immense experiences this has brought them both. Back in 2013 Keith’s best mate experienced health related rapid decline and this was the encouragement both Keith and Dianne needed to really get out and do and see what they can, whilst they can, with what they can. To say they haven’t looked back is an understatement.

Jennifer – Lot 42

Jenn joins us arriving from the Mt Barker region in South Australia where she had resided for the past 30 years.

After her husband Tom passed away 3 years ago, Jenn has decided a tree change was due and she has now settled into the Village with the knowledge that her daughter and partner are just around the corner in Armadale and her brother too is close by.

Having come from a ¾ acre block that required extensive maintenance and gardening upkeep she is looking forward to never having to water a plant or pull a weed ever again.

She was the proud and supportive housewife to an Army husband upon marrying at 19 and has 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren to enjoy in her retirement years.

Her husband ’s career in the Army and then later with the post office and property maintenance sectors ensured the family took up residence in a variety of locations in SA over the years, which all offered special experiences.

Jenn would like it reported that whilst she is of South Australian descent her football team of choice is for the “winning side” rather than being an Adelaide or Port Adelaide supporter particularly.

As Jenn’s move wasn’t just around the corner, her daughter and partner have been involved in the entire process and their support has been very appreciated by Jenn. All up Jenn feels it took 6-9 months for her to make her final decision on the village, location and house design that would be right for her. Once that decision was made though she was excited and sold up everything, starting here with brand new furnishings as part of her fresh beginning.

She is an avid Op Shopper too and has some treasurers that herself and children have made over the years displayed very nicely in her new forever home. She has a motto of Re-use, re-purpose and recycle at every opportunity.

Having now settled into the village over the last month Jenn is looking forward to taking part in craft/ crocheting and knitting activities and exploring other interests she may enjoy as part of the community.


26th August (Saturday) – Mid-year function



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15 Bay Court Champion Lakes Property Photos  

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