Introducing Our Display Homes


People who are single or simply like intimate spaces are going to love our 1-bedroom and 1-bath home in Daisy. It is a fully insulated house with double glazing, light fittings, window coverings, security mesh screens and more. The kitchen, dining and living areas are located in one cosy space with an alfresco and carport too. You can start moving your things in as little as 16 weeks!


Our air-conditioned and disabled friendly home in Hibiscus offers an extra comfort room compared to Daisy. This home is a bit bigger compared to Daisy and has outdoor storage sheds if you’re looking for some extra space to store your things.


Our 2 x 1.5 home in Daffodil is a great choice for starting families with room for kids or even grandkids. It features a similar layout to Hibiscus but comes with an additional bedroom with a single bed. The dining and living area are joined together while the kitchen is separate for those that want more privacy when cooking.


This is our 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home that offers a double garage for those who are planning to have a bigger family or already have one. It has two adjacent bedrooms and an extra single bed bedroom that comes with a desk. The kitchen and dining area are just next to each other while the living area can be found on its own corner.


Next up is our 2.5 room house that has 2 bathrooms and either an extra bedroom or an office depending on your choice. The two bedrooms can be found close to each other while you have the kitchen and scullery on their own space.


Finally, we have our standard 2 x 2 home that offers a double garage and a spacious dining and living area for the bigger families. It is the ideal house for people who prefer to have more space compared to the other homes that we offer.