June Newsletter 2020

This month we welcome our newest residents John and Yvonne who have moved from Kelmscott with their beautiful dog Molly. Three years ago, we met John and Eve at a caravan park in Exmouth. After a friendly chat it was discovered that we had so much in common, including living just five minutes down the road from each other! John and Eve still enjoy regular visits to Exmouth to see their grandkids and we feel very fortunate to have great new friends join our community.

“When you dance, your purpose should not be to get to a certain place on the floor but to enjoy each step along the way”- Wayne Dyer.

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance”- Oprah Winfrey.

Our July Social Calendar is now finalised with many indoor activities for residents to enjoy together to escape the rainy days. Thank you, Joanne and Faye, for organising the events. We are also hoping to plan a ‘Sunday Christmas in July’ celebration with musical entertainment and a warm roast lunch.

Thank you, Fred and Marty, for making this great wood box to keep our firewood dry for the happy hour firepit on Friday evenings. Honey also thinks it’s a great seat.

Next month, Chris will be saying farewell to Roleystone and joining our Village Family. Chris loves her gardening and has generously donated some limes and roses to our residents. Below is an article Chris has written to the local paper describing her journey which we feel many may relate.

Our new TV advert aired this week with the release of our next stage opening. Thank you, Sheila, Robin, Les and Fred for participating, we really appreciate your help in spreading the word.

Stage 1C is now available with a $100 holding fee (fully refundable) to reserve your chosen site and floor plan.

Our Sales Office is open Monday to Friday from 9am-2pm, however your welcome to visit any time to view all our display homes and enjoy a coffee at the lodge.

Best Wishes Keith, Jane, Leah and Team.