September Newsletter – 2021

CHAMPION CHATTER – September 2021 edition

Champion Birthdays ?

Birthday well wishes for the month of September are extended to:-

Barb @ Lot 7, Carol @ Lot 11, Peter @ Lot 19,

Terry @ Lot 46 and Roger @ Lot 47

To all our village September birthday residents we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we hope you have something nice planned to enjoy your special day!!

Last month Ben celebrated a milestone birthday and held a party in the Village Clubhouse for friends

and family. A very special occasion indeed!! Surrounded by loved ones here are a few snapshots of the evening with Ben, Robyn and granddaughter on the dance floor along with guests

Funnies of the Month

Welcome to the Champion Community

This month we welcome our newest residents Richard and Leslie to their forever home at 22 Scenery Court (Lot 2).

They had lived in Lathlain for 47 years before moving to South Yunderup upon retirement. After two and a half years of country living, they decided to place themselves closer to family and the city amenities.

They have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren most of whom are grown up and are in the Perth metro area. They also have brought to their home their gorgeous dog Coco who is very friendly and loves people.

Richard and Leslie love to travel and they consider one of the bonuses of living in this village is the possibility of being able to travel and have their home and possessions in a safe and secure environment whilst they enjoy those experiences. They have travelled extensively in the northern areas of Australia and hope one day to travel around Australia in their caravan. They both love to get away and specially to spend time fishing.

They have been friends with current residents Margaret and Kevin for 30 years and have fond memories of many family holidays and water-skiing adventures enjoyed.

Leslie used to have an extensive cleaning business which meant that she worked long hours and had very little spare time but did enjoy gardening when she got the opportunity at their Lathlain property. Just quietly amongst the Lathlain locals she was renowned for the size and quality of the vegetables she grew on the property. Richard previously worked in an office environment along with assisting in the cleaning business administratively.

Their move here has been like starting anew as they left everything in their South Yunderup home for the new owners. They are proud and pleased to be starting this next chapter of their journey almost afresh.

We hope you will enjoy yourselves with us as you settle into our village environment with city amenities just around the corner.

Display Home – Come Visit Us

You could be mistaken in thinking these photos  below are from our display villa, but you would be pleasantly mistaken to think so. These photos are taken inside Lot 7 to showcase resident Barbara’s sheer blinds that have been installed to complete that just right look just for her!!

“Right Sizing” – looks and feels very different at Champion Lifestyle.

Strict hygiene standards & social distancing precautions are always on our minds so don’t be shy – and come & say Hi 9am – 2pm Monday – Friday!!

It’s Time to Boogie- Friday 1st October 2021

With school holidays just around the corner we see a lot of the grandchildren enjoying time at our Village. We are therefore delighted to announce we have secured Boogie Bounce to hold a session on Friday 1st October, 2021, to be enjoyed by those young at heart as well as the granddies of course.

This is a short youtube video of what is to be expected. Please note the session being hosted by the Village has been customised as an intergenerational activity and we therefore encourage the senior and young demographic to join us on the day.

Please be sure to RSVP you interest to to secure your spot. We look forward to seeing you join us.

Local Business Plug

Our residents at Lot 47 Rodger and Dawn have recently let us know that they have had a great experience with this locally owned WA business, and we would therefore like to encourage anyone who may be currently or in the future needing a removalist company to consider Home James WA. Personal referrals are the highest accolade. Thanks Rodger and Dawn for letting us know they come highly recommended. alternatively call James Saunders direct on 0488 033 473.

Village Management Update

Your management team has been very active this month in ensuring residents details inclusive of emergency contact info, pet & personal particulars and concession discount information are all up to date as we started the new financial year. Thank you to all those residents who have so far been contacted to assist us compile this accurate data. We will during the month of September be completing this task and look forward to liaising with those residents that we still need to update personal particulars with.

During the month the swimming pool got a roof…. Construction continues as scheduled for the facility to be open at the start of summer. Get your swimming cozzies ready folks as we envisage a pool party to celebrate with all the bells and whistles upon completion.

Village Management are delighted to announce our grant lodged back in July through Injury Matters focussed on supporting seniors remain independent longer by being active and engaged has been successful!! We have been granted approval to host 4 activity days during September – November 2021 covering the topics of Healthy Eating, Seniors First Aid, Gardening in small areas with a herbal focus and Cyber Safety/Internet tricks & tools. We are actively locking in these dates with presenters at this time and look forward to releasing further specific information on each seminar as dates and details are confirmed. Stay tuned on this as we excitedly encourage those from both within our village and those from outside to take up the opportunity to be part of these educational sessions.

It’s a Wrap – Biggest Morning Tea

We were over the moon to receive this email as thanks to the Village for hosting our event back in June and thought it should be shared with you all as acknowledgement of the combined effort involved in making the event the success it was.

Hi Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village,I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these uncertain times. I’m just popping in your inbox today to share some good news – this year’s Biggest Morning Tea results! Which, I should add, would not have been possible without wonderful hosts like yourself. Are you ready? Because these figures have come in, and they’re so exciting that you might need to lie down after reading (I know I did! ?).Around the country…20,072 generous hosts like you held a morning tea,200,720 people attended an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea,and approximately, 240,864 cuppas were enjoyed.We can only imagine how many delicious morning tea treats were consumed!AND BEST OF ALL….YOU, yes YOU helped us raise $10,518,297 and counting!
 Isn’t that amazing?! I wish you could have seen the faces of our researchers, cancer nurses, staff and volunteers when they saw these numbers! I hope you feel proud to be a part of something so special.After the year that was 2020, this is a truly incredible result, and we can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work to support people impacted by cancer. 
The funds raised from your morning tea are helping to:
? Provide 39,303 Australians affected by cancer with the support they need via our 13 11 20 Information and Support service.? Protect 2 million little Aussies from the sun via our SunSmart school program.? And fund life-saving research, with morning teas like yours helping us invest almost $300 million in cancer research over the last five years alone. 
 We are all so grateful for you, Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village!Wishing you all the best for the rest of the year, and I hope to see you on board again in 2022.Yours gratefully, Meaghan Bush, National General Manager, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 

Community Garden

A special call out to all the Popeye’s and Olive Oyl’s at the Village…… The spinach and silver beet in the community garden is plentiful and ready for picking.

Additional rhubarb has recently been planted that will take some time to mature and so far, the brassicas (broccoli, cauli & brussels) planted last month have survived the chewing bugs. The Bok choy wasn’t so lucky however and as we try to minimise the use of “sprays” in the garden, Sometimes it is just ‘survival of the fittest’.

Every Tuesday the green thumbs of the village are encouraged to get some dirt under their fingernails and enjoy some camaraderie and gardening with other likeminded residents. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sheila (Lot 39) or Chris (Lot 14) to discuss your interest in joining in the Springtime fun.

Interesting facts on Silver beet. It is also commonly known as swiss chard, spinach, perpetual spinach, crab beet, and mangold.

Silver beet is actually a close relative of beetroot (in fact it’s a variety of the same species), but it’s grown for its leaves and stems.

In the United States and Australia, the leaves are valued, while European cooks value the stalks. In fact, they often discard the leaves or feed them to animals. The first varieties have been traced back to Sicily, rather than Switzerland!

Silver beet is a nutritional powerhouse – an excellent source of vitamins K, A, and C, as

well as a good source of magnesium, potassium, iron, and dietary fibre.

Social Scoop – ABBA

Saturday 28th we had an Abba night at the Lodge. We watched the movie of Mamma Mia and joined in and sang along to many of the songs and some of us even danced in the aisles especially to Dancing Queen!!

We then enjoyed an incredible supper so ably prepared and served by Rhonda, Cheryl and Elaine with Roger being one of our super chefs and making a delicious strawberry sponge. And it didn’t stop there, we then had a couple of rounds of Abba trivia questions and listened and sung well into the night many ABBA favourites. Thanks to those who came and made it such an enjoyable evening.

Every Wednesday in the Clubhouse between 10am – 12pm indoor bowls is enjoyed by many of our residents. Each week we are seeing numbers and the morning growing in popularity so don’t be a stranger and come roll up for the morning to enjoy either participating or spectating.

Save These Dates

Sunday 5th September Sundowner from 5.00pm

Saturday 25th September Further info to be provided

Friday 1st October    2pm – grandchildren welcome

Surrounding Area Activities

Each year the City of Armadale host the Armadale Hills Open studio Arts Trail which will be running from the 3rd – 12th September 2021. Further information can be found at or through the Perth Hills Armadale Visitor Centre, 40 Jull Street, Armadale.

At this annual event, local artists open their studios to the public for an intimate view of their inspiring spaces and creative processes. On the trail you’ll discover an extraordinatry range of artists and art practices, nestled amongst the stunning natural beauty of the Armadale hills on our village doorstep.

Falls can happen to us at any age; however, changes we go through as we get older can put us more at risk of having a fall.

The good news is that falls are preventable no matter your age, & Stay On Your Feet® has simple tips & tools to use to keep you active & on your feet.

Our three simple steps to prevent falls are:

You can also find great information on what can cause fallswhat to do if you have a fall and how you can keep up to date with information from Stay On Your Feet®.

Friendly Reminder to the Gym Junkies in the Village

If you are planning to complete a work out on the equipment in the gym area and will be on your own perhaps consider letting your partner, neighbour or a friendly face in the village know as to how long you plan on building those biceps….. and at the end of the workout checking in to let them know you have survived not just the work out but to enjoy the bragging rights that go with getting a sweat on to that same friendly face, neighbour or partner ensures that for any reason you don’t report back in someone will know where you will be.

Resident – First Aid Responders

Your friendly resident committee recently requested that we ask the resident community if there are any First Aid trained – First Responders living amongst us, that would be willing and able to be called upon should an incident arise within our village. Whilst it is noted that we are an indepentant living village, as a community focussed organisation we encourage any residents that are suitably trained and would be willing to assist in the event of an emergency please speak to a Resident Committee representative to let them know.

“Where the smiles are genuine and the coffee’s always on”

Best Wishes from Keith, Jane, Leah, Fiona & Families.