The Benefits of Living in a Lifestyle Village

Turning 60 marks a new chapter in your life that may seem scary, especially if you’re retiring and considering downsizing your home. But thanks to community and social advancement, there are now more appealing living options for new, younger retirees who are fully independent.

And One Of Them Is Living In A Retirement Village.

Why consider a retirement village?

For The Lifestyle

With numerous common areas and facilities, retirement lifestyle village living is designed to make day-to-day living low-maintenance. Leave the cleaning, gardening and organising that comes with looking after a family home or apartment behind; a retirement village is your stress-free home that you can “lock and leave” if a travel opportunity presents – and all will be under control when you return.

Location, Location

Unlike a retirement home, a retirement lifestyle village offers public open space, complete with commercial and retail providers – so that you’ll never feel isolated, with everything you need being just around the corner.

For The Community

Why live alone in your retirement, or far from friends or family when you can live in a community of like-minded individuals at the same life stage as yourself? A retirement lifestyle village offers a strong sense of community, providing you the opportunity to meet and stay connected to people who share common interests – every day.

For The Flexibility

Champion Lakes recognises that every retiree’s needs are different, providing the option of you utilising all, or only some of their services, as well as diverse housing options. Whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, standard or micro-lot home you envision, there’s no requirement that isn’t catered to.

To Stay Active

It’s much easier to keep active when recreation and wellness services and activities are right there in front of you, like they are at Champion Lakes. Keep up your favourite exercise or take on a new one – the options are endless, ensuring you stay fit and healthy; your body will thank you for this once you hit your 70s.

Why Living In A Retirement Village Might Be Best Option For You

While home-care agencies and retirement homes are designed for the elderly (in their 80s+), if you’re only in your 60s or 70s, still fully independent and highly active, a retirement lifestyle village is the ideal option, and you can stay as long as you like! The drawcards are the community of like-minded people, the convenient location, and a home without the high-maintenance or security concerns.

5 Steps To Help You Make The Right Choice In Selecting A Retirement Village:

  1. Write down what you need (such as a downsize, home security, low-maintenance living) and what you want from a retirement village (such as a social life, exercise facilities and a convenient location).
  2. Discuss your options with family and friends. A ‘second opinion’ can help you reflect on what you really need and want from a retirement village, and they make come with recommendations based on where their friends or family have retired or are planning to retire.
  3. To ensure the contract is completely transparent, acquire legal and/or financial advice prior to signing.
  4. Shop around. It’s worth comparing your options before making a final decision.
  5. Don’t rush your decision. Your retirement village is where you’re going to spend the next chapter of your life, so you want your decision to be a well-informed one, one that you are excited about.

Why Champion Lakes Lifestyle Village Is The Place To Be

Your worry-free lifestyle village providing all the services you need for day-to-day living, and abundant with social opportunities, Perth’s Champion Lakes will have you feeling like you’re permanently on a holiday. Complete with a resort-style Lodge, Champion Lakes makes the ultimate, trusted living option to mark the start of your retirement.

You’ll want to soak up every minute of this next chapter in your life at Champion Likes. Contact us today to make an enquiry or to plan a visit.