What is a Lifestyle Village?

Before making any big decisions about your next move, it is important to consider exactly what you hope to gain from your retirement. If you’re seeking to live independently with support and help there when you need it, a Perth lifestyle village might be the best choice for you.

Lifestyle villages are housing developments offering a range of services, facilities and accommodation options. Although additional costs are associated with lifestyle villages, properties within are often cheaper than small homes in the same area.

According to the council’s Retirement Census in 2016, Australian lifestyle villages maintain a 92% occupancy rate, displaying the growing popularity of retirement living among Australia’s over 50’s population.

Why Should I Choose a Lifestyle Village?

It is essential to maintain your independence as you make the transition from working life to retirement – and as such, your home location should prioritise not only your financial situation but your lifestyle and social needs in your senior years.

What Should I Look for In a Lifestyle Village?

When deciding on a lifestyle village it is imperative to identify features you want, features you don’t want and features you would be willing to compromise on. The following tips will assist with an initial decision regarding the move into a lifestyle village:

  1. Budget and FinancesSeek legal and financial advice to ensure any implications of living in a lifestyle village are understood and agreed upon before committing to relocate. Also, stick to your budget and be realistic about ongoing costs you may or may not be able to afford.
  2. Lifestyle and SociabilityGive thought to how you would like to spend your time in the future with regards to social interaction, hobbies and special interests. This includes investigating the special facilities on offer (e.g. tennis and golf courts), or whether having a garden attached to your accommodation is viable.
  3. LocationConsider whether the proximity of the lifestyle village to your relatives and close friends is of importance to you. The same principle applies to areas such as beaches, shopping centres, theatres or any other facilities of particular interest to you.
  4. Amenities and Special FeaturesLifestyle villages are renowned for offering a large range of amenities including libraries, community rooms, and barbeque areas. Though useful to some residents, it is important to consider if the ongoing additional payments for these facilities are of worth or necessity to you.Champion Lakes’ unique family owned, and operated lifestyle village emphasises a personal relationship with residents through onsite accessibility, is conveniently positioned nearby shopping precincts, a major hospital and train stations, and delivers options that let you alternate between the active and the leisurely. For enquiries, please contact us at (08) 9390 3909.